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Sacred Geometry Pendant: Shree Chakra Pattern (Brass with Gold Plating)

Sacred Geometry Pendant: Shree Chakra Pattern (Brass with Gold Plating)

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Elevate the mood in your home or workspace using our Shree Chakra Decor Frame with all its complex designs reflecting the holy Shree Chakra pattern. 

Each pattern of the frame carries a meaning- nine interlocking triangles. Four upward-facing triangles represent masculine energy, and five downward-facing triangles depict feminine energy. The central point (bindu) is where the energy meets. The two circles around the triangle are the symbolism of manifestation. The outer circle, lotus-shaped, encompasses 16 states of consciousness, and the inner circle is a sign of 8 forms of siddhis. 

Benefits of Sacred Geometry Frame :

  • Feel more prosperous and satisfied with life as it transmits positive vibes through every space in which it is placed.

  • Protect your dwelling from negativity while deepening your spiritual perception, resulting in a greater understanding of both universal and personal essence within it.

  • Every single decor frame is meticulously constructed with symbols of healing so that it will always be embedded with sacred geometry’s blessings. 

  • Our frames are powerful instruments for spiritual growth and transformation; they have been infused with prayers and positive vibrations.

Self Love Jewels create such healing frames to guide one through light. We create this using high-grade brass with gold coating and a size of 120 mm. You are just fingertips away to heal and protect yourself for good.

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