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Self Love Jewels

Collective ancient wisdom and modern knowledge of self wellbeing blended with healing powers and poured into Self Love Jewel’s every piece. This jewelry is created using authentic process of healing. Blessed with Sound and Pranic healing by renowned healers. It is high on energy and charged with sacred hymns, chants and mantras to elevate its healing power​.

Adorn Your Spiritual Journey:
Wear Your Aspirations, Manifest Your Triumphs


We Create MAGIC in each product


Meditating with
an intention


Aligning the idea into
a product concept


Giving a beautiful shape &
form to the product


Infusing specifc
sound frequencies & healing


Covering with the
Protective Energy Shield


SelfLove Mentor,
Author - “Selflove : The Power Within You”
Founder - SelfLove Jewels | Spiritual Jewellery

She guides people to become the Better Version of Self - Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually by creating a new SelfLove Lifestyle. She travelled to different Ashrams all over World, stayed there and practices Mindfulness and Meditation under guidance of Gurus to know the eternal truth of life that can bring Happiness.

To name few- Pranic Healing, Isha foundation, Devraha Baba ashram, Vipassana and many more

She has an experience of energy healing for more than 15 years; she has given more than 1500 healing session and more than 1000 hours of coaching sessions. She has taught meditation to more than 15000 people in groups and individuals.

Her passion of designing Jewellery combined with the abundant knowledge of spirituality for more than decade resulted in SelfLove Jewels , which is a powerful matrix of frequencies and sacred geometry. Each piece is a dynamic Energy Tool, that serves as a vehicle for Divine Energy, designed to Heal, Energise and Manifest.

She loves travelling, dancing and connecting with people .
Motto: To make people Shine from Inside and Outside . ( Sparkle matters )