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Happy Customer Thoughts

"I purchased my first Shree Chakra Pendant from Selflove Jewels in July 2023. I'm so in love with the powerful healing jewelry from Selflove Jewels. Knowing that the jewellery I wear is spiritually charged with powerful mantras fills me with faith & confidence. The incredible results I've experienced have been truly amazing. "

-Megha Narula


Happy Customer Thoughts

"It is an incredibly beautiful, stunning, elegant, timeless piece that can be worn day and night. It’s lightweight and so easy to wear you’ll never take it off. Thank you for making such a fine piece of art, I will treasure it always. If you're looking for an original pendant to wear, you may never find one that's as beautiful as this one."


Happy Customer Thoughts

"Every time when I wear jewellery, I am praised with compliments. The pendant I purchased that is the divine tree and Om both are exquisite,unique and obviously made with love. Will definitely buy more."


Happy Customer Thoughts

"Self Love Jewels design are very classy and stylish. At the same time they are high vibrational and reflects immediate impact. I have been wearing the shree pendant for a month and I already feel positive changes.. I feel more centered, calm and focused as I wear this on my neck."


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