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Sacred Geometry Coin for Abundance: Shree Chakra Pattern - 60mm

Sacred Geometry Coin for Abundance: Shree Chakra Pattern - 60mm

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Carefully crafted Shree Chakra coin is the best touch to add to your decor. By inviting divinity, these handy coins are perfect not only for your ambience but also to carry luck with. The beautiful Shree Chakra collection has each pattern carrying meaning. These nine interlocking triangles are beyond being a mere pattern. Four upward-facing triangles represent masculine energy, and five downward-facing triangles depict feminine energy. The central point (bindu) is where the energy meets. The two circles around the triangle are the symbolism of manifestation. The outer circle, lotus-shaped, encompasses 16 states of consciousness, and the inner circle is a sign of 8 forms of siddhis. 

Benefits of Sacred Geometry Coin

  • By purchasing a Shree Chakra coin, you are making your way to rejuvenation—the way the coin makes its way to you to transform your life.

  • Creating an aura of development and growth, the sacred geometry coins help you reach the most significant height and success. 

  • By building greater spiritual connection, the Shree Chakra coins help in being the bridge between you and your higher esteem. 

  • These coins help you in creating a space free from negative energies. Everything that makes you feel sour or pessimistic is kicked away at bay. 

We at Self Love Jewels meticulously crafted sacred geometry coins that infuse positivity in your environment. Using premium material like brass, plated with 18kt and size of medium 60mm. Enjoy free shipping as we deliver to your doorsteps.


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