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Seven Chakra Loop Earings

Seven Chakra Loop Earings

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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The unique seven chakra loop earrings from self-love jewels are specially designed for the healing of seven chakras to make them balanced and open the blocked chakras for the overall balance of energies inside you. This bracelet brings you inner peace, balances your emotions and gives you prosperity. This earring lets you start your new journey with properly balanced chakras.

The seven chakras inside the human body are known for maintaining balanced energy for a properly balanced state of body and mind. These chakras make you a better human being by addressing your fears and internal issues while giving you better mental ability.

About seven chakras

The seven chakras are the main energy points of the human body, located at seven different points, starting from the base of the spine to the crown of your head.

Location:   Root (base of spine), sacral( under navel, solar plexus( above navel of stomach portion). Heart (middle of the chest), throat( in the middle of your throat), third eye( between your eyebrows) and crown( at the top of your head)

When balanced:  overall well-being with mental peace and balanced emotions, better health and vitality with a stable and clear mind with proper ability to focus and think creatively and analytically

When blocked: When blocked, these chakras can create emotional instability, confusion, and depression. Physically blocked chakras lead to different health issues and issues with focus.

When overactive: Overactive chakras lead to hyperactive nature, overstimulation, stress and anxiety, and scattered thoughts, with difficulty concentrating on one subject at a time. Overactive chakras also dispute a person's spiritual energy.

When you wear a pair of seven chakra Loop earrings

  • It improves your mental and emotional well being, making you’re a strong and compassionate human being

  • Improves your concentration, intelligence, positivity 

  • Gives you freedom from mental anxiety, disability

  •  Improves fertility and physical well being

Like our other designs of 7 chakra necklace and bracelet, this pair of 7 chakra earrings are made with high-quality brass and 18kt gold plating, which gives them unmatched elegance.

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