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Spiritual Pendant: Om Symbol + Flower of Life (Brass with Rose Gold Plating)

Spiritual Pendant: Om Symbol + Flower of Life (Brass with Rose Gold Plating)

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Material: Brass with Rose Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Open the celestial powers of the universe with our beautiful Spiritual Pendant which features the divine Om symbol and the Flower of Life pattern. Our exquisite piece emanates spiritual power at Self Love Jewels, combining two powerful symbols to make a beautiful piece that transforms. Made from high quality brass material and coated with rose gold plating, this pendant is a symbol of light that will enlighten sensitive people.

Presenting the Om Symbol + Flower Of Life Pendant Necklace, the merger of spirituality and style. This piece is designed with precision to capture the flower of life symbol and the vibrations of the symbol Om. The Flower Of Life Pattern is geometric, representing the origin of space and time or the source of all things and the connection between them. 

About the Om Symbol and Flower of Life:

The Om symbol and the Flower of Life design are recognised as sacred geometric shapes in many world traditions:

  • Om: The cosmic hum, which is the universe's first and final sound or tone that expresses pure existence and consciousness.

  • Flower of Life: The Flower of Life is one of the most sacred geometric shapes. It is formed by a combination of seven overlapping circles that form hexagonal shapes. It depicts the web of life and is considered to be an emblem of a person’s spiritual evolution. 

  • Altogether, they create a powerful combination that serves as:

    • Deepening of meditation and other forms of spirituality

    • Increased link to the source of knowledge

    • Harmonization and coordination of the energetic points

When you wear an Om Symbol and Flower of Life pendant:

  • You invoke the power of the Flower Of Life Energy, bringing your physical and spiritual selves into harmony with the cosmos.

  • You enjoy the Flower Of Life Pendant Benefits, which is good for your health.

  • You feel the Flower Of Life Healing and spiritual growth to the next level.

  • You like the Flower Of Life Protection where you are protected from all the bad energies.

  • You attune yourself to the divine through the invocative Om vibrations.

Discover the life-changing effect of our Spiritual Pendant. All of them are charged with healing energy, and are treated with prayers and sound vibrations. At Self Love Jewels, it is not just about the jewellery; we ensure that you get avenues for personal spiritual development. Take with you the knowledge of the ages and raise your vibrations with our Flower of Life pendant. Make the order today and start your way to the new level of spiritual enlightenment.

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