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Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) Pendant

Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) Pendant

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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The crown chakra, or Sahasrara chakra, has been associated with spiritual energy and connection with the universe. Self Love Jewels presents another collection from their seven chakra pendant collection—the Crown chakra pendant made with sound healing and prayers. This pendant can help you open up your knowledge and become spiritually closer to the universe and nature, bringing inner turmoil to an end! You can pair up our pendant with or without a chain. 

Our crown chakra pendant increases your spiritual energy and awakens your healing power. The Sahasrara chakra, or crown chakra, symbolises the highest consciousness of the human mind and divine abundance. Balancing your spiritual energy helps you attain higher consciousness. 

About crown chakra:

The crown chakra is associated with knowledge, spiritual growth, and universal connection. It is about understanding one's connection with the universe and attaining divine blessings. 

Location: at the top of your head 

When balanced: Balanced crown chakra makes a person spiritual, giving them heightened awareness and peace of mind while renewing their purpose in life. It also helps a person attain spiritual knowledge and makes them stable.

When blocked: Blocked crown chakra leads to spiritual turmoil, loss of purpose or feeling confused in life, anxiety and depression, etc

When overactive: Overactive crown chakra leads to high spiritual behaviour, disconnection of the physical body, and a sense of self-righteousness. 

When you wear a crown chakra pendant… 

  • You gain a deeper understanding of spirituality with a heightened spiritual connection with the universe.

  • It gives you mental peace, with higher concentration power

  • The pendant reduces your stress and anxiety 

  • It improves intelligence

Our crown chakra pendant is made with high premium brass and has 18kt high-quality gold plating. We design each piece with positive intention and bless it with special prayers to help you blossom your crown chakra.

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