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Radiate Love Earrings: Twin Heart Chakra

Radiate Love Earrings: Twin Heart Chakra

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Material: Silver with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Take an extraordinary leap towards love and connection with Self Love Jewels' Radiate Love Earrings: Twin Heart Chakra earrings made of exquisite silver with gold plating. This pendant can help you regain emotional balance, deep connections, and unconditional love. Our Radiate Love Earrings: Twin Heart Chakra offer beautiful reminders to love yourself and others as part of an overall positive way of living your life!

Product Description

Self Love Jewels presents the Radiate Love Earrings as an exquisite symbol of unity and affection, designed with twin heart chakras to balance and activate them for optimal emotional wellness and relationships with others. According to ancient Sanskrit texts, heart chakras play an essential role in maintaining emotional health as well as building meaningful connections among humans - their proper alignment and activation are critical factors in living a loving and harmonious lifestyle.

About the Heart Chakra (Anahata) 

The heart, or Anahata chakra, balances all the emotions related to love. It is the fourth chakra of the whole human body chakra system that governs emotions like compassion, self-love, love, and emotional balance. 

Location: Centre of Chest

When balanced, this chakra enhances self-love and love as a universal feeling. In addition, it fosters emotional stability, deep connections with the higher self and more meaningful interactions.

When Blocked: Blocked State of your heart chakra can lead to loneliness, difficulties in relationships, lack of empathy and emotional turmoil; 

When overactive: Overactive Anahata chakra can lead to emotional complexities, including emotional operating, jealousy, and unhealthy emotional attachment.

When you wear the Radiate Love Earrings 

  • It helps in Balancing and activating the heart chakra

  • Promotes and improves emotional well-being  by Promoting self-love, empathy 

  • Promotes emotional well-being 

  • Helps minimise feelings like loneliness, jealousy, and emotional turmoil 

Our Twin Heart Chakra earrings are expertly made from 18kt gold-plated silver to exude elegance and warmth. They also have divine blessings with prayers of healing intentions and serve as a holistic way to balance and awaken your heart chakra.

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