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Vishudhi (Throat Chakra) Pendant

Vishudhi (Throat Chakra) Pendant

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Now, let your true voice speak with a throat chakra pendant. A pendant giving rise to your rightful voice and exuding charm.  Composing the divine synergy of expression and impression, this pendant brings you all heavenly positivity. 

Presenting you our one-of-its-kind pendant from the Seven Chakra collection. Derived from the Sanskrit word,‘cakras,’ chakras are basically the energy point in our body. For the well-being of the person, that must be aligned and opened to balance the body.

About Throat Chakra (Vishuddhi) 

Known as the centre of communication,  Vishudhi Chakra bridges the heart and mind of the person. This Vishudhi Chakra is responsible for making you accept and speak the truth, find the voice that aligns with values and also be a good listener.

  • Location: throat region, near the spine. 

  • When balanced: a person becomes eloquent, speaks and communicates clearly.

  • When blocked: a person is unable to speak with fluency and to take a stand for oneself.

  • When overactive: a person turns out talkative and speaks gibberish. 

When you wear a throat chakra pendant…

  • You become able to communicate efficiently and fluently.

  • It helps you learn the best way to express yourself.

  • It helps you become honest.

  • It helps you in alleviating the problem of mouth ulcers and sore throat. 

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