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Sacred Geometry Coin for Abundance: Shree Chakra Pattern - 25mm (Brass with Gold Plating)

Sacred Geometry Coin for Abundance: Shree Chakra Pattern - 25mm (Brass with Gold Plating)

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Enjoy the sacred interplay of masculine and feminine forces by purchasing a Shree Chakra Coin. From each coin shaped with precision, there are nine intersecting triangles; four are pointing upwards to indicate male energy, while five face downwards, symbolising female energy in order to maintain cosmic balance.The centre point (bindu) is created through junctions. The two circles around it are representative of manifestation. The outer circle, shaped like a lotus flower, has 16 states of consciousness, and the inner circle represents eight forms of siddhis.

Benefits of Sacred Geometry Coin:

  •  By using Sacred Geometry Coin, open up your life to numerous spiritual blessings. With increased prosperity and abundance, enjoy a positive energy flow when you wear this bracelet.

  • Moreover, shield yourself from any negative influence and consequently develop your spiritual awareness so that you can have a better understanding of life in general as well as your place within the universe.

  • This coin will help you transform your life, embracing the high vibrations and power to shape your life with the better. 

As our heart lies with this beautiful coin created, Self Love Jewels coins are a treasure to keep! Made with silver, size around 25mm, with a layer of 18kt gold coating, these coins are the saviour to your well-being! Buy now, as we offer you hassle-free shipping.


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