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Sacred Geometry Decor Frame for Abundance: Shree Chakra Pattern - 120mm

Sacred Geometry Decor Frame for Abundance: Shree Chakra Pattern - 120mm

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Consciously crafted, this beautiful spiritual accessory is something to which one can't say no! Every style of these sacred geometry earrings hails for your well-being. The pattern on the earrings holds significant meaning, representing the synergy of feminism and masculinity. Out of nine interlocking triangles, four upward-faced triangles embody masculinity and five downfaced triangles for femininity. The outer circle, lotus-shaped, exemplifies the 16 states of consciousness, and the inner circle represents eight siddhis.

Benefits of Sacred Geometry Earrings: 

  • Just like the shine of the earrings, Shree Chakra Earrings ensures that the shineness in you doesn't fade away. 

  • These beautiful sacred geometry earrings ring a higher form of spirituality and enlightenment to make you attain the best.

  • By wearing Shree Chakra Earrings, unlock the excellent realm of manifestation by turning your dreams into reality. It also helps you in exploring future endeavours. 

  • It protects you from all the devilish vibrations that may harm your well-being. That's why the Shree Chakra Earrings act as a shield protecting you from evil.

Let the energy flow in you with Self Love Jewels! Wear these Shree Chakra Earrings made of brass, plated with 18kt gold. Endless spiritual spark with Self Love Jewels is just a click away.


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