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Sacred Geometry Pattern Ring: Flower of Life Symbol

Sacred Geometry Pattern Ring: Flower of Life Symbol

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A perfect geometrical design on your hand with this Sacred Geometry Pattern Ring with the Flower of Life symbol. This masterpiece of a piece will let you take a touch of the ancient mystic into the modernity of fashion and use its energy in daily life. Shop for unique and conscious Self Love Jewels accessories that can bring sacred energy into your everyday life.


Introducing the Sacred Geometry Pattern Ring: Beautiful work that has both a stunning design and is imbued with a great meaning – Flower Of Life Symbol. This ring features the Flower Of Life Pattern design and is made of brass while being gold plated at the end. This piece of jewellery is warm golden colour, has a detailed geometric design and is appropriate for any event. This ring can be worn solely or in combination with other accessories; however, it serves as a constant symbol of the relationship between all living beings.

About the Flower of Life Pattern: 

The Flower of Life Pattern is one of the most famous symbols of sacred geometry. It includes several equally spaced circles arranged in a way that resembles a flower. This symbol is found in all ancient temples and scrolls and symbolizes the geometrical basis of space and time and the microcosm macrocosm.

  • This symbolises the primary checkers of creation and being.

  • Represents the interrelation of all biological beings and global awareness

  • It is said that these patterns are the blueprints to all physical reality.

  • Serves as an effective form of meditation and charging up of the energy field.

  • Wearing it in the hand makes it possible to touch it, hence interacting with its energy continuously.

When you wear a Sacred Geometry Pattern Ring:

  • To bear the vibrational message of the universe

  • If you want to use your mind, switch on your creative and intuitive faculties.

  • To deepen your link to the higher source while going about your routine business.

  • If you want a physical symbol of the journey that you are on.

  • If you want to organise your conduct in conformity with cosmic laws

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