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Sacred Geometry Pattern Band: Flower of Life Symbol

Sacred Geometry Pattern Band: Flower of Life Symbol

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Feel the eternal beauty of the sacred geometry wearing our Flower of Life Symbol band. This lovely creation is made up of brass and is a product of both traditional knowledge and modern aesthetics, providing the wearer with a tangible link to the cosmos’ structures. Enchant yourself with this terrific Flower of Life logo and use the sacred symbols of the universe. Take your Divine Path to the next level with Self Love Jewels. The pieces that we create are well thought out and provide the quintessence of sacred geometry to the daily routine.


Introducing the Sacred Geometry Pattern Band: Flower Of Life Symbol – Brass, one of the most beautiful items that can be made with exemplary workmanship and stunning design while having a hidden spiritual significance. The band demonstrates the beauty of the Flower Of Life Pattern; it is made of brass and gets a gold finish. This is due to its warm golden shade as well as the clear geometric pattern that gives it that versatile look that is perfect for any occasion. This band can be worn alone or with other pieces of jewellery and it is a constant symbol of the unity of all living beings.

About the Flower Of Life Symbol

The Flower of Life Pattern is one of the most famous symbols in the field of sacred geometry, which is made of several concentric circles of equal distance from each other and has a flower shape. This symbol that has been depicted in ancient temples and even manuscripts can be described as the basic architecture of the cosmos and the existence of life. Its importance in spiritual practices includes:

  • Symbolising the most basic structure of space and time

  • It symbolises the interrelation between the living things.

  • The sculpture should represent the ideal of human beauty; that is to say, the figure should be harmonious, proportional, and balanced.

  • The Flower of Life pendant benefits therapeutically, which means that it can help a person meditate and become more spiritual.

  • It is said to help attain the higher states of consciousness.

When you wear a Sacred Geometry Pattern Band

  • To establish a link with the microcosm and macrocosm of the world.

  • You need to synchronise your energy with the universe.

  • To achieve balance and harmony in everyday functioning.

  • To encourage imagination and self-fulfilment on spiritual levels.

  • If you want a wake-up call as to how the events of our lives are interrelated

This Flower of Life ring is ideal for Spiritualists, Yogis, and Mystics and for anyone who is interested in the phenomenon of Sacred Geometry. If you’re going for a yoga class, going for a nature trail or going with your normal daily business, this band continually reminds you of your place in the bigger picture. Understand the importance of sacred geometry in changing your life. Check out our Flower of Life collection at Self Love Jewels and find the items that inspire you on the spiritual level.


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