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Radiate Love Bracelet: Green Twin Hearts Chakra Symbol with Black Cord

Radiate Love Bracelet: Green Twin Hearts Chakra Symbol with Black Cord

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Unleash love and harmony with Self Love Jewels' Radiate Love Bracelet: Green Twin Hearts Chakra Symbol with Black Cord. This elegant bracelet promotes emotional harmony, deep connections, and unconditional love within your heart chakra. Wear it every day as a reminder to embrace and radiate love into your daily life and all those around you, enriching both lives.

Product Description :

Self Love Jewels presents the Radiate Love Bracelet, a beautiful symbol of unity and affection. Crafted with care by our master artisans to balance and activate your heart chakra, its green twin hearts chakra symbol adds elegance and versatility. At the same time, its black cord offers contrast for striking visual impact. According to ancient Sanskrit texts, the heart chakra is considered an energy centre responsible for maintaining emotional well-being as well as developing intimate connections. Aligning and activating it correctly is a necessary component for living a fulfilling, joyful existence.

About the Heart Chakra (Anahata) 

The heart chakra is the governing charka for everything related to your heart, i.e. emotion. It works as the ridge between the physical and emotional world by balancing the emotional spectrum. 

Location: In the centre of your chest

When balanced, this chakra fosters inner peace and unconditional love for others while providing emotional stability and deeper connections.

When Blocked: Blocked heart chakra can lead to loneliness and difficulties in relationships as it creates a lack of empathy and emotional turmoil.

Overactive State: Over activation may lead to unhealthy emotional co-dependency, jealousy, unrealistic expectations in relationships and overactive emotional responses.

Benefits of Wearing the Radiate Love Bracelet 

  • It balances and activates the heart chakra, which in turn promotes emotional wellness

  • It encourages self-love and kindness toward others, and unconditional love

  • It enhances the ability to form lasting, meaningful connections.

  • Promotes emotional stability and reduces feelings of loneliness

  • Helps overcome jealousy, co-dependency and emotional instability

The Twin Hearts Chakra Symbol bracelet is handcrafted from high-grade materials for timeless elegance and purity. Finished off with black cord detailing for contemporary flair and blessed with prayers to promote healing intentions, it makes a wonderful addition to any jewellery collection. It serves as a constant reminder to spread love and positivity in all areas of your life.

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