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Radiate Love Charm: Twin Hearts Chakra with Red Enamelling

Radiate Love Charm: Twin Hearts Chakra with Red Enamelling

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Our Self Love Jewels' Radiate Love Charm Twin Hearts Chakra with Red Enamelling Necklace is designed to strengthen the Heart Chakra. With it, you can gain emotional harmony, strong connections, and unrestricted affection between individuals. It is a wonderful way to help in creating an environment filled with positive energy and peaceful vibes.

Product Description:

The Radiate Love Charm with intricate red enamel design is an exquisite symbol of unity and affection. It is an excellent way to balance your Heart chakra to gain emotional stability and compassion. Ancient Sanskrit texts describe chakras as the energy centres which balance your physical and emotional well-being. 

About Heart chakra (Anahata)

The Anahata or Heart chakra is the core energy centre that governs individuals' love, compassion and emotional balance. Balancing and activating this centre helps promote emotional well-being as it fosters self-love and compassion toward others, further aiding in forming deep, meaningful relationships.

Location: At the middle of your chest

When Balanced: It can enhance love for oneself and others while simultaneously encouraging compassion, emotional stability and deep connections;

When blocked:  Blocked heart chakra can result in loneliness, difficulty in relationships, and lack of empathy or emotional instability.

When overactive: Over activation of Anahata Chakra may lead to co-dependency, jealousy, high expectations in relationships and excess emotionalism.

When you wear a Radiate Love Charm

  • Promotes emotional well-being and reduces loneliness; assists with jealousy, co-dependency and emotional instability

  • Balances the heart chakra for optimal well-being and encourages self-love as well as compassion towards others

  • Enhances the ability to form deep, meaningful connections 

  • Encourage self-love and compassion towards others. Enhance deep, meaningful connections

  • Helps to adopt holistic and positive lifestyle practices.

Our Twin Heart Chakra Ball pendant is expertly hand-made from high-grade brass with red enamelling and 18kt gold plating for an elegant yet luxurious feel. It comes with our heartfelt blessings and prayers of healing intentions to bring positivity into your life.


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