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Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra) Pendant

Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra) Pendant

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Presenting our meticulously crafted solar plexus chakra pendant - bringing unparalleled energy, inner wisdom and confidence. Wearing this pendant can bring innumerable benefits to a person’s life by enhancing their way of living.  At Self Love Jewels, you will find an exclusive, premium and handcrafted Seven Chakra collection.

Weaven with healing powers, the solar plexus chakra pendant is sturdy enough to embody vitality in life. Derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘cakras,’ chakras are basically the energy point in our body. For the well-being of the person, that must be aligned and opened to balance the body. 

About Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura): 

Solar plexus chakra is well known for driving the fire within us. They bring warmth, energy, boldness and light when worn. They govern willpower, personal identity and self-awareness. 

  • Location: a couple of fingers above the belly button

  • When balanced: a person feels self-confident, self-worthy, and outspoken and takes up challenges with courage.

  • When blocked: lacking confidence and motivation along with other digestive issues. 

  • When overactive: a person tries to become dominating and judgemental.

When you wear a solar plexus chakra pendant… 

  • Your chakra is controlled and balanced. 

  • It helps you in dealing with digestive issues, including constipation, bloating, etc. 

  • It helps you eliminate abdominal pain. 

  • It aids in gaining confidence and higher self-esteem. 

  • It revives the mental condition of the person who acts very critical or stubborn.

At Self Love Jewels, we use top-end brass as the base material with 18kt double micron gold plating. We enhance the materials using mantras and other sound healing techniques. We offer two options: with or without a chain and deliver it to your doorsteps.

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