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Kabbalah Tree of Life Pendant without Chain

Kabbalah Tree of Life Pendant without Chain

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Bring the sacred teachings of the Kabbalah into your life with our splendid Tree of Life Pendant. In this way, this powerful symbol connects the human and the celestial planes, allowing wearers to have a sort of link with the ancient wisdom. Welcome the great power of this sacred geometry and take the keys to the universe within your chest.


This beautiful pendant, crafted from gold-plated brass, features an attractive Kabbalah Tree of Life engraving. Its circular shape, with a diameter of about 3 cm, best reflects the sacred pattern's shape. The openwork's lacy pattern enables light to pass through and creates a play of shadows, emphasizing the subject and its multilayered meaning.

About the Kabbalah Tree Of Life

The Tree of Life is one of the most significant concepts in Kabbalah, and it is considered to be the way to connect with the upper forces. It represents creation and the connections between all forms of life and the path to spiritual liberation. The Tree Of Life Pattern depicted in this pendant is quite detailed and gives off the spiritual feel of this piece. When worn as a pendant, it offers:

  • A map of the world and the human soul

  • It is an essential asset in the spiritual journey and discovering one’s identity.

  • It is an icon of the 10 attributes of the Godhead or Sefirot.

  • A way to the spiritual self and the supreme knowledge

  • It is a symbol of justice and mercy

When you wear a Kabbalah Tree of Life Pendant:

  • Link to the ancients’ source of spirituality

  • Increase your spirituality and ability to receive insights.

  • Strive to achieve moderation in all spheres of existence

  • Contemplate each Sefira as being an attribute of the divine.

  • One should always keep a symbol of protection in one’s pocket.

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