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Sacred Geometry Pendant: Flower of Life Pattern

Sacred Geometry Pendant: Flower of Life Pattern

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Feel the unity with the universe with this beautiful Sacred Geometry Pendant inlaid with the Flower of Life design. This beautiful creation epitomises unity of the world in a necklace. Infuse your life with the profound knowledge of the ancients with Self Love Jewels’ beautifully crafted line of spiritual jewellery pieces.


Introducing the Sacred Geometry Pendant: The Flower Of Life Pattern is one of the most beautiful creations that at the same time, has a sacred meaning behind it. This pendant on the neck features the Flower Of Life Design, well carved in brass with an attractive gold plating. The gold colour and rich pattern make it suitable for any occasion and can be used as an accessory. Alone or with other jewellery items, this pendant symbolises how everything in life is connected to something else.

About the Flower of Life Pattern

The Flower of Life Pattern is one of the most famous patterns in sacred geometry. It is made of a large number of equally spaced circles that interlock and form a flower-like figure. It is an icon depicted in temples, manuscripts, and art and belongs to almost all epochs and cultures; it symbolizes the elements of space and time and the unity of life.

  • Brass, as we can clearly see, strengthens the symbol's property to balance energies.

  • The golden plating has solar and crown chakra energies which are connected to higher self and enlightenment.

  • It incorporates both being rooted and being liberated features, thus creating harmony.

  • It was thought to enhance the pattern’s association with global awareness.

  • Serves as a vessel for receiving God’s revelation and inspired ideas.

When you wear a Sacred Geometry Pendant: 

  • You should align your actions and/or thinking process with the fundamental patterns of creation.

  • You want to raise the quality of your energy field with beautiful sounds

  • To develop your meditative and religious activities

  • To have a way of telling or reminding you that you are related to every living creature.

  • If you want to experience rhythm and ease in your everyday life

Self Love Jewels has a collection of sacred geometry jewellery. Learn how those powerful symbols can improve your spiritual practice.


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