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Auspicious Buddhist Charm: Conch Shell

Auspicious Buddhist Charm: Conch Shell

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Material: Brass with Gold Plating


Made in India
BIS Hallmark Silver
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Immerse yourself into the world of tranquillity and wisdom with Buddhist Charm: Conch Shell. This exquisite charm creates profound significance when worn as a pendant by increasing courage and confidence. 

Introducing Buddhist Charms of Conch Shell shape- which has profound meaning in Buddhism. Conch Shell or Shankha is deeply connected with Buddha's teachings and represents dharma. It also symbolises sovereignty and authority and is an integral part of eight auspicious symbols. With this, the conch shell represents Buddha's position as a spiritual leader and the importance of disseminating information through effective communication. 

  • The Conch shell signifies the production of healing vibrations, which helps you to purify your soul.

  • Wearing this brings you purity, tranquillity and cleansing of the soul.

  • It infuses courage, willpower and optimism in life. 

  • Wearing this also brings prosperity and luck in life. 

Get yourself this beautiful Buddha jewellery today and embrace its symbolic significance. We at Self Love Jewels curate such a collection using high-quality products like brass and double layers of micron using gold. We deliver to heal you with our free shipping.

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