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Understanding the Meaning and Importance of 8 Auspicious Buddhist Symbols in Jewellery

By :Aaira Kaurr 0 comments
Understanding the Meaning and Importance of 8 Auspicious Buddhist Symbols in Jewellery

Hey, have you ever noticed some people wearing unique jewellery with symbols like a spinning wheel or a lotus flower?

How fascinating it is right?

But do you know: These aren't just random designs, they're actually Buddhist symbols with deep meaning.

Before I knew this, I just wore whatever jewellery I liked. 

Remember those big, colourful charm bracelets everyone had a while back? Not exactly calming, right?

But then a friend gave me a necklace with a simple lotus flower charm. It was pretty and looked vibrant & calm, I just loved it.

As I started to learn more about it, I got to know that these symbols actually represent Buddhist significance, which holds purity and a sense of calm

When I wore the necklace for the first time, I felt serene and calm.

But then I realised jewellery actually serves us a higher purpose than just looking pretty.

So, get comfy, because now we're jumping into the world of Buddhist symbols and how they’re actually turned into such awesome jewellery.

The Buddhist Wheel of Life (and Its 8 Spokes)

Now, Imagine a wheel having eight spokes. 

Each spoke represents life's ups and downs according to Buddhism and it is also known as the Dharma wheel or Dharmachakra which represents a powerful symbol in Buddhism. 

It contains 8 spokes that represent the Noble Eightfold path ( way to enlightenment) 

Are you curious to know what they are represented as? 

They are represented as the right view, intention, concentration, livelihood, efforts, speech, mindfulness, and action. How fascinating it is, right? 

Now imagine when you wear jewellery with the Dharma Wheel, you are inviting wisdom and kindness to add to your life. 

Alright, grab a cup of coffee and keep reading! 

We are exploring more about these stunning and unique Buddhist symbols and how they are turned into jewellery.

Trust me, by the end, you'll be in a whole new world of jewellery.

8 Unique Auspicious Buddhist Symbols 

(represented in Buddhism) 

Okay, so you know about the Dharma Wheel, but there's more! 

Buddhism has these eight super important symbols called the Eight Auspicious Symbols. They're like good luck charms but with deep meanings. 

Let's break them down one by one :

  • The Precious Parasol (Umbrella): for Protection and Royalty

  • Picture a big umbrella that is filled with colours, but do you know , this is not just used for rain or sun.

    The parasol which looks like an umbrella represents the Indian tradition that comes with royalty and protection.

    Its shade shields you from suffering, temptation, and harm. 

    In ancient times, having more parasols in your group showed how important you were. It was a sign of wealth and high social status

    Wearing or carrying a parasol isn't just about style; it's about feeling protected, honoured, and noble.

    It's like walking with a shield of strength and dignity wherever you go.

    Benefits of wearing or carrying a parasol include enhanced protection, a sense of honour, and nobility.

    Now let's get into the second one.

  • The White Conch Shell (Resounding Call of Enlightenment)

  • Let's talk about the conch shell, a meaningful symbol in Buddhism.

    Imagine wearing a conch shell necklace - it's just a way of inviting powerful reminders of teachings in Buddhism.

    People used to blow conch shells to feel the freshness and calmness of the air. Wearing this as jewellery is like inviting a natural air freshener to cleanse your soul.

    The conch shell is also connected to water, which is all about being flexible and going with the flow. 

    And guess what? Wearing conch jewellery can make you feel wiser, cleaner, and more balanced, reminding you to stay adapted to life's challenges.

    So, whenever you see anyone wearing a conch symbol Jewellery, know they invite peace into their lives.

    Now, let’s get onto the next one!

  • The Endless Knot (Infinite Wisdom and Compassion)

  • Have you ever noticed those cool knot designs on people's jewellery?

    They're actually called the Eternal Knot in Buddhism.

    The Buddhist eternal knot, also known as the 'lucky diagram,' is a symbol of endless wisdom and compassion. It embodies the continuity of the 'twelve links of dependent origination.' 

    This knot represents the interrelated nature of reality, karma, and the infinite wisdom of the Buddha. It's like carrying around a little piece of wisdom.

    When you wear jewellery with the Eternal Knot, It makes you feel calm and connected to others.

    Plus, wearing it can make you feel smarter and happier. It's not just jewellery—it's a symbol of being wise and kind. 

    And the benefits? It enhances the union of empathy and knowledge, promotes longevity, and helps balance and align your chakras.

    How awesome it is right? Now, let's explore another fascinating symbol: the Treasure Vase.

  • The Treasure Vase

  • In the good olden days, when people had a treasure vase, they used to believe it as a sign of good luck and prosperity that came as abundance into their lives.

    The golden treasure vase, also known as a Kalasha or Kumbha, is connected to prosperity deities like Jambhala, Vaishravana, and Vasudhara. It symbolises never-ending treasures and stays full no matter how much is taken from it.

    A typical Tibetan treasure vase is decorated with pretty patterns and a special gem on top, representing important Buddhist ideas. 

    Wearing jewellery with the Treasure Vase symbol can make you feel luckier and happier, and also bring more goodness into life.

    It's amazing how these symbols hold so much meaning and positivity, isn't it?

    Now, we’re heading into another fascinating symbol. 

  • The Lotus Flower ( Symbol of Purity and Enlightenment)

  • Gently close your eyes and imagine a beautiful pond having lotus floating all around, isn’t it serene?

    Did you know that the lotus flower is actually considered the most cherished symbol in Buddhism? 

    And the good thing is that it symbolises purity and Enlightenment that guides our spiritual awakening journey.

    It represents the flourishing of virtuous actions free from the burdens of cyclic existence. 

    The lotus sits on divine seats, unblemished and pure in body, speech, and mind. Deities may enter cyclic existence, but they remain untarnished by its impurities. 

    The lotus's growth, with roots in mud, a stem through water, and a fragrant flower above, symbolizes the soul's journey from greediness (mud) through life's experiences (water) to enlightenment (sunlight).

    The benefits of wearing lotus flower jewellery are numerous. It enhances the spiritual cord/ Anthakarna, opens the channel of growth and possibilities, and promotes abundance without greed. 

  • The Pair of Golden Fishes

  • Golden fish in Buddhism are like little rays of sunshine swimming through life. 

    They symbolize happiness, freedom, and courage, reminding us to embrace life's flow with grace. 

    These fish also represent the sacred rivers of India, such as the revered Ganges and Yamuna, and the channels of psychic nerves believed to originate in our nostrils. 

    Wearing jewellery adorned with this symbol invites these positive qualities into your life.

    And here's the bonus: it's said that wearing these golden fish can even boost fertility, bringing more happiness and freedom into your life.

    Alright, we are near the seventh, let’s keep the flow going 

  • The Wheel of Dharma

  • Let's talk about the Wheel of Dharma.

    This is actually one of the coolest symbols.

    In Buddhism, the Wheel of Dharma is associated with the 'wheel-turning' Chakravartin, which is a fancy way of saying it's all about transformation. In Tibetan, they call it the 'wheel of transformation.' Sounds pretty epic, right?

    Now, let's break it down. 

    This wheel actually has 3 main parts: the hub, spokes and the rim. How fascinating are the names right? 

    Each part means something special. The hub is about doing the right things in life, even when it's hard. 

    The spokes mean wisdom, like knowing what's right and wrong. And the rim? That's about keeping your mind focused and calm.

    But here's the cool part: It represents Buddha's Eightfold Noble Path, a guide to living well. Wearing this symbol isn't just about looking nice; it's a reminder to be strong and wise.

    And now, for the last one! 

    We've had quite an adventure discovering seven incredible Buddhist symbols, but hold onto your hats because the eighth one is about to blow your mind!

  • The Victory Banner

  • Let's talk about the Victory Banner. This is one of the special symbols that holds a deep meaning in Buddhism.

    Do you know in Tibetan culture, there's a victory banner that comes in eleven different forms? How cool is it? 

    Each one represents a unique method for overcoming destruction. 

    Imagine seeing these banners on the roofs of monasteries and temples. They’re not just decorations; they symbolize the Buddha's victory over four maras (demons). 

    Usually, you'll find four banners at the corners of a roof, each one telling a story of triumph.

    The traditional Victory Banner looks like a cylindrical flag on a long wooden pole. It's a powerful symbol of winning over negativity and obstacles in life. 

    So, what happens when you wear jewellery with the Victory Banner symbol?

    It enhances your inner strength and helps you overcome your own internal demons and negativity.

    And there you go.

    We've explored the fascinating world of the eight auspicious Buddhist symbols gold jewellery

    Each one carries a deep meaning and offers us a purpose more than just beauty.  

    So now whenever you're choosing a jewellery to wear, know that it should actually serve you the purpose.

    Alright, now we have explored all the 8 amazing and unique symbols. Let's also get to know about the types of jewellery that come with these auspicious symbols.

    Types of Buddhist Jewellery

    • Buddhist Accessories

    When it comes to Buddhist accessories, you can choose the jewellery that fits into your style.

    It has a wide range of collections from rings to necklaces along with stunning unique symbols representing Buddhism.

    Every piece acts as a reminder to the core principles of Buddhism guiding you into your life. 

    • Temple Jewelry 

    The temple jewellery is actually drawn inspiration from the unique designs you find in Buddhist temples. 

    This makes the perfect fit for you if you're more into temple jewellery as it has unique carvings and symbols.

    • Modern Designs 

    Buddhist symbolism can be included in your jewellery even if you have a preference for a more modern look. These symbols are used in a lot of contemporary designs in a clean, simple manner that makes you ideal for daily wear.

    Why are these symbols so important in Buddhism?

    Daily Practice :

    Buddhism uses symbols to assist the focus of the mind and encourage spiritual development in daily practices and meditation. By wearing these, you can stay focused and reminded of your objectives all day long.

    Personal Connection :

    Wearing Buddhist symbols is a common technique for people to keep connected to their spiritual path. It serves as a guide and a gentle reminder of the lessons you value, much like having a small piece of wisdom with you.

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    Embrace Wisdom in Every Piece 

    Buddhist symbols in jewellery hold more than just beauty; they carry deep wisdom. 

    So why not explore this world of meaning and find a piece that resonates with you?

    It’s a beautiful way to carry wisdom and calm wherever life takes you. 

    Do you have a favourite Buddhist symbol or piece of jewellery? 

    Share your story in the comments below. Your experience could inspire someone else on their spiritual journey!


    Got questions about Buddhist jewellery? Let’s clear them up!

    1. Is wearing a Buddha necklace lucky? 

    Of course! Wearing a Buddha necklace will help you bring peace along with good fortune into your life.

    1. What kind of jewellery do Buddhists wear? 

    Buddhist jewellery has a variety of unique symbols like the lotus, eternal knot and many more to amaze you every time!

    Every item has its own significance and keeps them linked to their spiritual path.

    1. Why are symbols important in Buddhism? 

    Buddhism uses symbols to help us remember key lessons and principles. 

    They support us in maintaining our spiritual direction and incorporating those lessons into our day-to-day activities.

    1. What are the most well-known Buddhist symbols? 

    Do you know there are two such symbols: one is the Lotus and the other is the wheel of Dharma?

    And these represent the core beliefs of Buddhism guiding you on the path to enlightenment.

    Personal Note : 

    Share your favourite symbols or moments of inspiration in the comments below. 

    And if you're ready to explore the world of spiritual jewellery, head over to Selflove Jewels and find the perfect piece for you.

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