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Seven Chakras Jewellery: Exploring the Basics and Its Deep Spiritual Relevance

By :Aaira Kaurr 0 comments
Seven Chakras Jewellery: Exploring the Basics and Its Deep Spiritual Relevance

Picture yourself as you're having an amazing party celebrating with your friends.

You are having a wonderful time and As you start looking around, you notice someone wearing cool jewellery – like a bracelet with colourful beads or a necklace with interesting symbols. 

You start wondering: what's the story behind those pieces? Well, they're not just regular jewellery. 

They're like special keys that help us understand ourselves and our feelings better. 

You see, each piece of chakra jewelry represents different parts of our inner selves, like our emotions and energy. 

And the best part - it acts as a reminder to help us stay connected to ourselves. 

Now I know you're curious to explore the magic of chakras , let's not waste our time and let's dive into it. 

So, get comfortable and let's dive in together!

What are Chakras ?  ( And it's Basics around) 

Let me tell you that chakras act like an energy hub in your body. How amazing is that right ? 

Have you ever felt like your body has its own energy map? 

Think of chakras as those important landmarks on that map. 

Do you know there are seven chakras in your body , starting from your spine and guiding you to the top of your head .

And each of these play a major role and acts a a Energy hubs to make you feel amazing.

Balancing these energy hubs is key to finding your own inner harmony.

Now get comfy and let’s explore each one by one

Discovering 7 chakras ( And it's spiritual existence) 

  • Root Chakra ( In sanskrit - named Muladhara) 

  • Do you know there's an anchor that keeps you safe and steady , just like how the roots keep the tree more safe and strong ? This is what Root chakra exactly does.

    Picture it sitting low in your spine, quietly but strongly affecting how safe and stable you feel. 

    When this chakra is more aligned , you will start to feel more grounded and you will become ready to do anything that life throws on to you. And the best part , you'll start becoming more down to earth , how humble it is ? 

    Imagine having a net that gives you safety and the courage to overcome challenges. This happens when this chakra is aligned.

    Also , Physically, you might notice your weight is balanced, you're eating healthily, and things are moving smoothly.

    If this energy hub isn't working well, it's like your stability is affected. You might feel insecure, scared, or worried. And it can affect your weight, digestion, and energy. 

    So, it's important to take care of your Root Chakra. Do simple things like spending time outside or sticking to routines. When you look after this basic energy centre, you're building a strong foundation for a happy life.

    Curious to know what comes next? Let's move up to the second chakra.

  • Sacral chakra ( In sanskrit - named Swadisthana) 

  • Now let's get into the second one ! 

    Do you know ? This is like your creativity centre, where your happiness and passion come from & is represented by the color orange.

    It’s in between your genitals and navel and it's all about being creative, feeling good, and enjoying simple things.

    When this chakra is doing well, you feel a surge of creativity, joy, and a healthy sex life. 

    Every day feels fun, and you're open to trying new things. You can express yourself easily and enjoy the good stuff in life. You're prosperous, patient, and fertile, experiencing pleasure in everything you do.

    But when it's not balanced, you might feel guilty, shy, or irresponsible. You could struggle with infertility, sexual issues, allergies, or even eating disorders. 

    To keep your Sacral Chakra healthy, do things that make you happy. Whether it's painting, dancing, or just chilling out in nature, do what feels good. 

    When you listen to your creative side and find joy in life, you're not just taking care of your Sacral Chakra—you're making your whole life better.

    Now let’s delve into the third one 

  • Solar Plexus chakra ( In Sanskrit named - Manipura) 

  • Now this is all about the power that deals with your self-esteem represented by a beautiful color Yellow. 

    Imagine this as a sun that is present inside you, and is brightening as high as you between your navel and solar plexus. 

    This actually guides you like an engine driving you towards your powerful self making you feel more confident , helping you become more mentally aware and aligns your health to take over all the world.

    But if this doesn't align well, it can be tough on you. You will start feeling guilty over silly things, you don't feel like doing anything and lack the energy.

    You might even have digestion or liver problems. If it's not balanced, you might feel weak, tired, or worthless. Allergies, fatigue, and digestive issues could pop up too. 

    To keep it healthy, do things that boost your confidence and make you feel strong. Start exercising and set small goals to celebrate your success. This will help you feel more empowered and that's when you will know that Solar Plexus is enlightening you. 

    Ready for more? Let's move up to the next chakra and see what it holds.

  • Heart Chakra ( In sanskrit - named Anahata) 

  • Do you know ? This chakra is the heart of our energy system. 

    This Heart chakra deals with all your emotions related to love , acceptance and embracing compassion. 

    This is actually represented by the beautiful nature color , i.e, green color , and is located in the middle of your chest guiding you to connect more with your spiritual self.

    You will start feeling more empathetic, start loving yourself more when this chakra is more aligned. Do you know , you'll become more open hearted and feel more serene once you have this chakra balanced within you.

    But if this chakra is off balance, it can lead to feelings of loneliness, being overly critical or jealous, and even physical issues like heart and lung problems, asthma, and allergies.

    To keep this chakra more healthy ,you have to start practising more love towards yourself and start embracing who you are and even start forgiving. When you nurture this chakra , you are bound to be more loved.

    Feeling the love? Let's move to the next level and explore your voice and expression.

  • Throat chakra ( In sanskrit named - Vishuddha) 

  • You might have experienced a few situations where you haven't expressed yourself honestly or even dare to share what's running in your mind. If you have felt this , then know that this is actually linked to your Throat chakra.

    All forms of communication and expressing yourself creatively is guided by your Vishudhha, which is Throat chakra. And this is represented in the blue colour present in your throat.

    You will feel more peace and bring truth in your life if this chakra is balanced. You listen well and communicate clearly. Your self-expression is strong, and you feel peaceful within. 

    But when it's unbalanced, you might feel shy or have a weak voice. You could be afraid of speaking up, struggle to listen, or even lie. 

    It even brings you experience problems related to thyroid , throat. 

    One of the best things you can do to keep this chakra balanced is to start speaking the truth and start expressing more about yourself. Sing, write, or simply share your thoughts with others. By doing so, you’re ensuring your communication is clear and your voice is heard.

    Curious to know what’s next in store ? Keep reading as we are heading into exploring inner vision.

  • Third Eye chakra ( sanskrit name - Ajna) 

  • Now I want you to do a simple exercise . Just close your eyes and picture yourself imagining the world around you where you are guided by your intuition. Isn't it cool? 

    Now this is what your Third eye chakra does and it's located in between your eyebrows to guide your life. 

    This is represented by a beautiful colour - named indigo , that acts as your life compass to help you guide your life journey.

    When this chakra is balanced in a well way , you'll experience and understand the world in a more connected way. It's like a guide that helps you in making the right decisions based on what your intuition says . And moreover this is your sixth sense.

    When you don't experience any of these , know that your chakra is unbalanced. You'll start falling apart and you'll eventually feel like your life compass is lost. You will even experience severe headaches and you will start to feel anxiety over little things.

    But don't worry , you can balance this chakra by doing meditation, which is actually your best friend to guide you in your life.

    Always trust your inner voice and start doing mindfulness activities that help you lighten up your Third eye chakra to experience the magic in your life. 

    When you have Third eye chakra, know that there's a guide in your life and it makes everything better for you ! 

    Feeling enlightened? Let’s reach the highest point and explore our connection to the universe.

  • Crown Chakra ( Sanskrit name - Sahasrara) 

  • Yayy ! Finally we reached the end point of discovering chakras and this one is known as Crown Chakra.

    This one sits right at the top of your head and is linked with the colors violet and white.

    Did you ever wonder how it feels when you're truly connected to yourself and everything that revolves around you ? How fascinating it is, right ? 

    This happens only when your crown chakra is balanced. You know this acts as a guide for you to the universe. You will start feeling more peaceful. Just imagine how it feels when you feel a deep sense of connection and having purpose every day ? Wouldn't it be amazing? 

    But , Have you ever thought what happens if this chakra is unbalanced? You might feel lost, disconnected, or spiritually stuck. It can mess with your head, literally—think headaches and memory problems. 

    Do you know , meditation is your best friend when it comes to keeping your chakra more balanced. Also , you can spend your time practising more yoga , or maybe do some journaling and even spend a little bit of time in nature. It does help a lot.

    Alright, there you go! We have come to an end. What a lovely journey it is about exploring all these seven chakras. Don't you agree ? 

    Awesome ! Now we have explored the journey of getting to know more about these seven chakras , but do you know how it's made into jewellery ? Let's further dive into it.

    Exploring Chakra Jewellery ( These are more than just an accessory ) 

    Now imagine you're wearing something that's not only beautiful but also helps you discover your spiritual energy , how fascinating it would be ? 

    Chakra jewelry does the exact thing , apart from looking beautiful, it also helps you feel more connected and helps you nurture your self-love and healing.

    Every piece that is made with chakra helps you feel grounded , helps you be more creative , makes you more expressive to love yourself more and lets you guide you according to your intuitions.

    I know you're more curious to know more about these astonishing jewelry, let's not further wait and let's dive into the magic of chakra jewellery. 

    Chakra jewelry ( And its Types) 

    • Bracelets - These are made by using handpicked and colourful beads that bring you the balance you need into your everyday life.
    • Necklace - Here you get to see the pendants that are featured with unique chakra symbols that serve as energy centres and help you remind you of your beautiful spiritual journey.
    • Rings - The rings are the perfect choice if you are into exploring more about chakra energy and to balance all your chakras.
    • Earrings - If you want to keep your higher self balanced, earrings can help you align with your third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

    Benefits of Chakra Jewellery : 

    • Invites Balance and more Harmony into your life - To help you nurture your well-being all over into emotional, spiritual and physical aspects . Isn't it serene ? 
    • Helps you increase your Awareness: wearing this jewellery is nothing but just increasing your awareness into your higher self to become the better you to guide you into your mindfulness journey.
    • Heals your Emotional wellbeing: Chakra jewellery balances your emotional energy by helping you heal with your energy centres and make you feel calm.
    • Makes you aware of your intuition - to help you feel more spiritually connected.
    • Helps you reduce your stress levels - to discover calmness and know more about your inner self 

    Discover Chakra Energy (with self-love jewels) 

    At our Self Love Jewels, we always strive to help you find balance and peace with our beautifully crafted designs that add higher purpose and harmony into your life. 

    We believe in high quality, that is why we design our jewellery with utmost care and use materials that helps you add spirituality into your life.

    From earrings to necklace , there's everything for you in store to support your journey into wellness and discovering yourself.

    Visit our collection and find the one that you think is the best for you! 

    And with self-love jewels, embrace your journey of healing.


        1. What actually chakra jewelry does ?

    Have you ever heard of energy centres , now you know that after reading this article.. Chakra does the same thing , it heals and balances your energy centres in your body and keeps you well emotionally, physically and spiritually. Isn't it amazing. 

    1. What benefits do I get after wearing Chakra jewelry?

    Do you know , the chakra jewellery plays a key role in improving your overall well-being, it acts as a reminder for you to stay mindful all over the time , this indicates that you get to connect with your deeper self, enlightening the spiritual connection.

    1. What does Chakra jewelry signifies? 

    If you want to explore more into wellbeing and discover more about yourself, Chakra Jewelry can be your best friend . It helps you align with your energy and nurture your inner self.

    1. How can I actually wear chakra jewelery ?

    The world of chakra jewellery does come in many forms starting from earings to necklaces making you leave a choice to choose whatever fits according to your lifestyle. How cool isn't it? 

    1. Which chakra does attract more money ? 

    As chakras don't actually link with attracting more money , it does balance your energy especially in the Root chakra which is known for a sense of stability and feeling more secure.Thus, this will eventually impact your wellbeing.

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